Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hello Again

Wow, it's been such a long time. Ok, so the last time I posted on here I was a little bit peeved. Sorry. The trip to his parent's house turned out to not be so bad after all. Mostly that's because we stayed with his Grandma and that was 100% better than with the rest of his family. So at least Chrsitmas wasn't entirely ruined :)
There has actually been a lot going on in my world right now. We found out that the baby is going to be a boy (well, we found that out awhile ago. I just forgot to post it). So we'll have one of each. That's kind of exciting. I can't believe I've only got about 6 weeks to go...
We've found a new house to move into. It's a duplex with somebody living above us. I'm hoping that doesn't get too annoying. Otherwise, it's a much bigger place. 3 bedrooms instead of 2, all of them bigger than both the bedrooms here combined. Bigger kitchen, bigger bathrooms. I think it'll be better. I hope anyway.
I've started my classes. They are a huge pain in my ass right now, but I really don't feel like getting into that.

That's it for now. Ya'll take care of yourselves until next time.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Wow, I can't believe it's almost Christmas time. You know, Christmas used to be fun. I'd get a lot of gifts, I'd watch a lot of Christmas cartoons, and I'd eat a lot of food. Now, I buy a lot of Christmas gifts and I get to spend the holidays with my in-laws which means I'll spend all Christmas Eve and Christmas day listening to them try to tell me how to live my life and raise my kids while simultaneously trying to prevent my daughter from being eaten by their vicious dog (who, by the way, has already bitten three random people and every single person living in that house). I'll get to hear about how our house isn't good enough and Joe's job isn't good enough. Then I'll sit there and watch my husband play video games with his brothers until 4 am. They'll be so damn loud that me and my daughter won't be able to sleep on our air mattress on the floor in their freezing ass front room that has no heaters in it. That's right folks, the alone heat in that house comes from two lousy kerosene heaters because his parents are too damn stubborn to get their heater fixed. Their hot water heater is also broken, along with their toilet and their shower. SO, I get to spend my holidays in a house with no heat, no hot water, a vicious dog, a nagging grandmother and mother, a spoiled 13 year old, a stuck up 21 year old, a stubborn and condecending father, and a broken down shower and toilet that you can't flush unless you shit.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!!!

As we come into the Christmas season, here's a little passage to give ya'll a little something to think about:

"As the old man walked the beach at dawn, he noticed a young man ahead of him flinging starfish into the sea. When the old man caught up with the youth he asked him why he was doing this. The young man responded that the starfish would die if left until the morning sun. 'But the beach goes on for miles and there are millions of starfish, how can your effort possibly make a difference,' countered the other. The young man looked at the starfish in his hand and then tossed it to safety in the waves. 'it makes a difference to this one,' he answered." Minnesota Literacy Council.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jaime Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite, who knew?

Song lyrics for today:
Joydrop "I sometimes wanna die"

Don't worry about one thing
Don't worry about nothing
She said I'm not gone let this one go
Nobody's on my side
Nobody seems to see
How much, how deep, how far these things can be

My eyes are dry and
I, I still don't even know you
I, I still wish that I could hold you
I, I sometimes wanna die

And you were the start
And now you are the end
And you left me with nothing to defend
I need the voice of a good friend

Can't stop myself from laughing
No matter how sad these things can be
These things can be

My eyes are dry
And I, I still don't even know you
I, I still wish that I could hold you
I, I sometimes wanna die

Well, I must say that experimental psych. class just keeps getting more and more interesting. It's not interesting because of all the amazing experimental psychology related things we're learning, no way. It's interesting because we never really learn a damn thing in that class.
Take last class for example, we spent the entire 45 minutes and then the hour long lab discussing the ins and outs of drunken farting, the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis was born with boy and girl parts, and my all time favorite...furry vaginas. Last weeks topic of discussion included more furry vaginas, sagging breasts, and a satirical commercial for a nut bra (that's right, a bra to hold up old guys sagging nut sacks).
And this is the teacher that told me that the class was so important, that if I stayed for the second half next semester, I would fail because I would have to miss some of the classes. Yeah, this was a thousand dollars well spent (note my sarcasm).

Anyways, I went to the doctor yesterday. It went fairly well. She did most of what she was supposed to do, with the exception of actually measuring my stomach. I also was scheduled for an ultrasound and have officially switched from the crappy little pregnancy clinic to the actual doctor's office (maybe my test results will actually come in now). All in all, I'm relatively pleased, although I'm still considering changing doctors if she doesn't start measuring my stomach, which is a relatively basic and important thing to do. We'll see I guess.